Friday, August 8, 2008

Laurinda's DigiScraps Terms of Use

Terms of Use
By downloading an item, purchased or free, from Laurinda's DigiScraps you enter into a license agreement. Downloading the item indicates your agreement to these terms of use.

- sell, share, or redistribute in any way
- claim as your own, or alter and claim as your own
- use these files for commercial gain without my permission
- use these items in any indecent, immoral, or in any way that is
Prohibited by law

- alter the size and adjust the color of items
- use the items for your personal use only
- post layouts made using these items in galleries with proper
credit given to Laurinda's DigiScraps
- create beautiful pages that enhance your photos

Due to the digital download nature of the products, all sales are final, there will be no refunds or exchanges. Laurinda's DigiScraps shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the items in the download. We highly recommend that you
back up your new files on a CD or DVD immediately after downloading.

Thank you for visiting Laurinda's DigiScraps, and thank you for abiding by my terms of use. I hope you enjoy your download and are able to create beautiful scrapbook pages with it.

Kind regards,

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