Saturday, September 12, 2009

Introducing my Logger Kit

I've added a new kit to my store. I'm just calling this one, "Logger", since that's what it is all about.

This may be a controversial subject to some of you, however, I happen to live in a logging community, as do many other families across this great nation. I've seen first hand what good stewardship can achieve. A well managed forest is a healthy forest where both plants and animals thrive, and fire fuels are reduced. Loggers attend courses every year to learn how to be better stewards of our forests. Let's face it folks, we all need and use wood products of some sort in our daily living. Some of the products made from wood may surprise you, like:

inks, varnish,
ping pong balls, tires,
photographic film, football helmets,
shatterproof glass, artificial vanilla flavoring,
adhesives, turpentine, camphor, waxes, fireworks, crayons,
chewing gum, cosmetics, vitamins, egg cartons, nail polish,
toothpaste, shampoo, diapers, postage stamps, pencils, baseball
bats, magazines, ice cream thickener, birthday cards, food
labels, candy wrappers, buttons, linoleum, disposable medical
clothing, this is just a short list, but let's not
forget to mention,
something we ALL
use, toilet paper!
If you are like me you probably use way more wood products than you ever expected. Keep in mind that WOOD IS A RENEWABLE RESOURCE. Heck, even recycled paper products are made of wood. And it may also surpise you to know that it actually takes more energy, and causes more pollution to recycle paper (and plastic) than it does to produce new products. But, the bottom line is this: if we don't properly manage and harvest our own forests, fire and beetles will demolish them. Leaving all of that beautiful, usable, renewable forest land to be ruined. We already import way too much wood from Canada. Wouldn't it be sad if that was our only source?
You won't hear any of this on the evening news, nevertheless, those of us closest to it know what really goes on in the woods. And just so you know, it only loosely resembles what happens on the History Channel's show AxMen. In fact, here's a good website to help kids learn more about it and here's another good site: educate yourself.

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