Friday, May 30, 2008

Here's another guy page for you

This may be a controversial subject to some of you, however, I happen to live in a logging community, as do many other families across this great nation. I've seen first hand what good stewartship can achieve. A well managed forest is a healthy forest where both plants and animals thrive, and fire fuels are reduced. Loggers take courses every year to learn how to be better stewarts of our forests. You won't hear any of this on the evening news, nevertheless, those of us closest to it know what really goes on in the woods. And just so you know, it only loosely resembles what happens on the History Channel's show AxMen. In fact, here's a good website to help kids learn more about it

Now, after all of that, on to the freebie...

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UPDATE: Click the preview to go to my "LOGGER" kit in my new store.
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